Being a CCandSA Member!
Express Yourself
Support you being you

We understand that we all want to help in our own unique way. We at CCandSa want to help encourage you to be creative and come up with your own individual fundraising ideas. We can provide you with the platform and support to ensure you can reach your full potential.

Unique Opportunities
You can only find it here

Being a member allows you to have access to the unique special opportunities that we aim to provide. These may include internships with us, CCNSW or one of our many partners, paid scholarships in your field of study

Relevant Experience
Something to add to your resume

We at CCandSA not only fundraise but aim to provide the Students as many opportunities to gain the much needed experience in their own relevant field of study. You can volunteer in the many possible areas including design, journalism, teaching, events, business and more.

Help us to help you

Unfortunately due to many imposed restrictions we have to ensure that you are a member to allow you to help participate with us. By doing so allows us to cover you in the event of any accidents or mishaps that may occur.